We Create. We Connect.
We Give.

We Create. We Connect. We Give.

We Create.
We Connect.
We Give.


Tacky Box: Making the World a Kinder Place One Child at a Time

Tacky Box is the only award-winning Social Emotional Learning tool that teaches children to choose kindness over tacky language and behavior. At the request of school counselors and principals, we fund Tacky Box in underprivileged elementary schools, creating kinder cultures one school at a time. To date, we’ve provided Tacky Boxes to over 30,000 elementary students.

Our effort generated a 63% reduction in disciplinary actions.

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Parole Assistance

It’s common knowledge that the criminal justice system is broken but the flaws in the parole process are often overlooked. It’s assumed that having good behavior will result in parole and incarcerated individuals have an opportunity to speak to the Board on their own behalf. Without resources, this is false. We work to reunite families by funding legal assistance and creating video stories on incarcerated individuals so they have a voice. To date, we’ve reunited one family and are awaiting the Parole Board’s vote for our second case.

East Dallas Rocks

We host community rock painting events and encourage participants to spread messages of kindness, hope, and love on rocks they place around their neighborhoods. Our goal is simply to spark a little unexpected joy in those who find a rock — and a desire to pay it forward.

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Reentry Support

We believe in second chances and we help provide them. We connect the formerly incarcerated with housing, jobs, clothing, and other organizations that offer an ongoing support network. We work directly with individuals and provide funding to Miles of Freedom, which serves over 1,000 neighbors who’ve made it home.

Hot Soup Sunday

Hot Soup Sunday is a movement to encourage neighbors with resources to serve homecooked meals to those who need one. It started on a cold, rainy day with a soup stand that served approximately 50 neighbors. That soup stand seeded a vision to invest in a food truck that serves in neighborhoods with large homeless populations, and we plan to make it happen…

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The Live Local Group

We support the work of LIVE LOCAL, a group of realtors in East Dallas who work together to raise funds for those in need in their neighborhoods. This collective, who joined forces for the purposes of giving, fund the Peace Pantries in Dallas ISD schools, created a scholarship fund for local high schools, and constantly give and create ideas to benefit local charities